"I wonder if I've been changed in the night? Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I'm not the same, the next question is 'Who in the world am I?' Ah, that's the great puzzle!"

Friday, November 25, 2011

Central Heating

Central Heating
By Bethany Davis

Central heating
On a cold day
Such a pleasure
Such a joy
A chilly house
Bringing goose bumps
To my bare skin
And making my breasts hard
My nipples stand up
Cami and shorts
Not warm enough
For the chilly house
The water running
Warming for my shower
As I wait I get ready
My shorts fall
To the cold floor
My cami on top
My panties slide
Down my legs
To pile on the floor
I step to the corner
Legs spread over the vent
Closing my eyes to enjoy
I can't help but wonder
Does the house's central heating
Enjoy the view more
Or does my central heating
Enjoy its touch more?

Daily Grind

Daily Grind
By Bethany Davis

Skin on skin,
Lips on lips,
Fluids are mixing and one.

Mound on mound,
Nether on Nether,
A joy no other has found.

Sweat and pulses,
Breathing and moving,
All raising and growing some more.

The joy and the pleasure,
Esctatic and true,
Bringing new meaning to the "daily grind".

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sweet White Wine

Sweet White Wine
By Bethany Davis

sweet white wine
spilled from
the bottle
containing it
in the lamp light
where it sits pooled
around the opening
of that lovely bottle
i gaze upon
i lean down
open my lips
and lick away that wine
that natural wine
so sweet
so salty
from the flesh bottle
from which it came

Sunday, November 6, 2011

In the Early Morning Light

In the Early Morning Light
By Bethany Davis

In the early morning light,
Drifting and lazing, half asleep,
So relaxed, so calm, so peaceful,
Aware of my body, the blankets, my skin,
My senses heightened, my brain still numb,
I smile in the early morning light.

In the early morning light,
My hands wander, feeling my skin,
Smooth and soft, nothing tight,
My sides, my tummy, my breasts, my legs,
Wandering, feeling, sensing, as I drift,
I smile in the early morning light.

In the early morning light,
My fingers move the soft lace aside,
They find the warm flesh beneath,
A gentle touch, a firm touch,
I slowly rub and touch and feel,
I smile in the early morning light.

In the early morning light,
The feelings are so strong,
The calm, the peace, the senses speak,
Strong yet gentle, firm yet soft,
I smile in the early morning light.

In the early morning light,
My senses heightened, they build and build,
Moving faster, finding grace,
Over the top I go, like a rushing storm,
I smile in the early morning light.

Peppermint Bark

Peppermint Bark
By Bethany Davis

A square, molded piece,
Perfect in dimensions,
Perfect in form.

White perfect chocolate,
Red specks of candy,
Pretty contrast.

A taste of chocolate,
A nibble, a bite,
Joy realized.

Soft creamy chocolate,
Crunchy candy bits,
Perfect Contrast.

Nibble by Nibble,
Bit by bit,
So fine.

The flavour remaining,
White chocolate,
Laced with mint.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Eerie in the Half Light

Eerie in the Half Light
By Bethany Davis

eerie in the half light
      light reflecting off snow
            bright shadow
         shadowy light
      the mist rolls
fills the streets
   making electic lights
       look like gas lights
          half glow
like a horror movie
   but peaceful
   the sound deadened
by the snow below
   and the mist above
   taking in the sound
consuming it
   and leaving only the silence
      as i walk beneath
            that black sky
             crystal clear
          full of stars
   at contrast with the
         and the light
   and the silence
in this wonderland
   this place between
      this liminal place
   of mist and snow and silence
the eerie glow
   of shrouded
      below a canopy
   of clarity

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This Fake Banana

This Fake Banana
By Bethany Davis

Banana taffy,
Hard and smooth,
Like a banana cream pie,
But not as rich.

Banana milk,
So playful smooth,
Like liquid laughter,
Like dancing mirth.

The fruit's so different,
Not rich or smooth,
A different taste,
A different love.

This fake banana,
Makes me spin,
Dancing like a child,
So young, so free.

White Snow, and Red, Red Nails

White Snow, and Red, Red Nails
By Bethany Davis

White snow, and red, red nails,
Long, pale fingers, in freezing cold.
Wet and painful, cold's hard burn,
Summer's breeze is winter's storm.
What once cooled nicely, now is dread,
Cuts the bones and cools the blood.
Bow your head, before the cold,
Stinging needles, of ice and cold.
Quickly moving, against the cold,
Moving slowly for slick and snow.
Through an eternal, blinding walk,
At least the door, and then to warmth.

Imitation Strawberry

Imitation Strawberry
By Bethany Davis

there’s something
about the taste
the feel
the experience
of imitation strawberries
strawberry Laffy Taffy
strawberry milk
strawberry pokey
light pink
like the cream
left over
after eating fresh strawberries
drenched in cream
and covering with sugar
that off white
tasting slightly of strawberries
but not really
innocent yet naughty
like your first discovery
of your sexuality
alone in your room
on a lazy afternoon

Friday, October 21, 2011

Skinny Dipping in a Mountain Lake

Skinny Dipping in a Mountain Lake
By Bethany Davis

Cold wind, warm sun,
Contrasting sensations,
Playing on my bare skin.
Bare feet, soft grass,
Refreshing and nice,
Urging to step forward.
Soft clouds, blue skies,
Looking down on me,
Watching and waiting.
Giant mountains, dry hills,
Waiting patiently,
For me to take a step.
Crystal water, brown mud,
My naked body reflected,
With sky, clouds, and hills.
Cold water, colder toes,
As my foot slips gently,
Oh so gently into the water.
Squishy mud, pure water,
Sliding between my toes,
So natural and so pure.
One foot, two feet,
Mud up to my ankle,
Water rising up my calves.
One step, two steps,
I walk out away from the bank,
The water getting deeper and deeper.
Deeper water, higher water,
The passes my knees,
Slowly moving up my calves
Goose bumps, tingling flesh,
As the cold water rises,
Reaching bare places used to warmth.
Cold water, cold wind,
My arms held close,
Wrapped around my breasts.
Pausing, waiting,
As I build up courage,
For what I will do next.
Breathe in, breathe out,
I brace myself,
As I quickly drop down in.
Frozen flesh, rippling waves,
My legs out in front,
My naked body in to my neck.
Shivering body, force of will,
I wait as long as I can,
Before rising back to my feet.
Squishy mud, freezing wind,
I walk as fast as I can,
Through mud and hip high water.
One foot, two feet,
I climb onto the bank,
Shivering in the autumn wind.
Towel spread, body spread,
I set shivering,
Letting the warm sun bath me.
Warming sun, drying sun,
I lay there content,
The heat and nature comforting me.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gentle Caress and Violent Fury of the Wind

Gentle Caress and Violent Fury of the Wind
By Bethany Davis

The wind comes to me,
Like a gentle breeze,
Brushing strands of hair,
Across my cheek.

The wind comes to me,
Like a violent hurricane,
Throwing my hair,
Across my face.

The wind comes to me,
Like a gentle breeze,
A soft touch on my skin,
Stirring my need.

The wind comes to me,
Like a violent hurricane,
A strong pounding on my body,
Raising my need.

The wind comes to me,
Whether violent or gentle,
Whether soft or hard,
It satisfies me.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Well of Nectar

Well of Nectar
By Bethany Davis

I thirst to drink from that well of nectar,
More refreshing than any drink.
Sweeter and purer, and better by far,
Than honey from any bee.
Saltier but savory, and better by far,
Than all the water in the sea.
Thicker and smoother, and better by far,
Than any milk that flows from breasts.
Far more intoxicating, taking my impulses,
Than even the strongest wine.
Like a bee or a hummingbird, I hover,
I lean in to taste.
Parting the petals, inhaling and tasting,
Sweet nectar on my tongue.
Just a small taste, then one more,
And then I am drinking deep.
Lapping and licking, drinking and swooning,
From that well of nectar.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Shadows and Sensations: a walk in the dark

Shadows and Sensations: a walk in the dark
By Bethany Davis

The breeze whispers gently,
On my bare arms,
On my bare legs,
On my bare skin,

The grass cool almost cold,
Soft on my bare feet,
Soft yet spiky,
Wet yet dry,
Like moss,
Or a pillow,
Shag carpet,
But softer,
Like nothing else on earth.

Darkness lit by remote lights,
Porch lights,
Neighbour lights,
Not close,
Not bright,
But showing each blade,
Each leaf,
In contrast,
Light green on dark green,
Grass dancing in the light,
Casting shadows.
Casting light,

I walk through shadows
In the night,
Summer night,

Bare arms,
Bare legs,
Bare feet,
Four steps in bliss,
Then four steps back,
Like a dream,
Lost in shadow.
Lost in sensation,
Lost in Sweet Night.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

And Tears Fall

And Tears Fall
By Bethany Davis

Emotions high but spirits low,
Pain that's deep and sorrow strong,
What to say?  How to talk?
And tears fall.

Strength within seem way too small,
But holding on and standing talk,
How to hide it?  How to praise?
And tears fall.

My back is straight, I face the pain,
Emotions consuming but will is strong,
Can I make it?  Can I live?
And tears fall.

Life goes on and pain it fades,
Another challenge, another day,
What is memory?  What is thought?
And tears fall.

Second Skin

Second Skin
By Bethany Davis

The fuzzy purple blanket under me,
Like fur caressing my skin,
So soft, so sensual, like a soft massage.

Soft black fuzzy pillow under my head,
Like a cloud, soft but supporting,
Cradling my head in its arms.

Colourful Tinkerbell blanket covering me,
Soft like velvet, rubbing my bare skin,
A cocoon containing me, to change to a butterfly.

Tight thong embracing me,
Holding that precious centre,
My well of nectar, held in a sweet embrace.

Soft cami covering my breasts, my tummy, my back,
Soft on my skin, like a hug, a firm embrace,
Containing my, constraining me, freeing me.

Tight shorts hugging my hips,
My loins, my thighs, Peacock, teal, jade,
Bright and conforming to my curves.

All the textures surrounding me, holding me,
All bring contentment, like heaven,
The textures of my second skin of sleep.